This is where you’ll be able to see photos of the work I have been producing over the last few years as Custard4gravy.

The slide show gives you a good idea of the work I produced so far, any new paintings print etc, will go here as they are produced. Watch this space….

New artworks for 2009.
Some new photos from the new year…. busy busy:)

Here a photo of the latest experiment with my printing press, still a long way from perfect, but getting somewhere. Hopefully ten of these first prints and twelve of the grey hoodlum prints will go up for sale soon, when i get my head around selling online. The monolith three colour print will be £20 + post n package, the grey hoodlum two colour print will be £15 + post n package. If You are interested email me and I’ll let you know when they go up for sale.

Here’s the photos of the prints ready to be made into greeting cards…

Here are some of the cards in all their finished glory!!!!


  1. Really cool blog sir, actually looks like you’re pretty busy! Amazing what he web can do eh? heheh! 😉

  2. fooo-warrrrrr!!!! :p

  3. Nice site! Like the new print, am even considering buying one!

  4. Flippin great stuff! Love it!!xx

  5. oo ‘ark at her with fancy slideshow.
    foo-ken champion matey!

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